Changes to The Trait Index Legend [2944]

I have a suggestion for the tabs on the browse page. The tabs read normal, pos het, het, visual and super.

Why not link those as quick filters like when you would click on the trait names?

In other words if someone was looking for supers or visual recessives only. No matter the trait or recessive… all they need to do is click on either Super or Visual or Het etc.

Anyone else thinking that?

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Yes those are the ones, and maybe add a “Multiple Het” tab


I really like the click/filter idea, that’s a great one!

With this filter this would be easily achievable and more precise to your search by simply changing the trait count filter also…

I think the wording here could also be updated from “Normal” in incdom, its slightly confusing and continues with the incorrect terms the hobby has made. I think having (Het) and (Homo) would make things easier to understand.

Incdom Pos (Het/Homo) Normal (Het) Super (Homo)
Rec Pos (Het) Non-Visual (Het) Visual (Homo)
Other Possible Normal Non Genetic

@owalreptiles whats your thought on changes to this table here?
Screenshot 2022-05-17 195043


I am glad to see someone else that likes the accurate terms, when I got into the hobby though, I had no idea what these terms meant lol. I really hope it can be done… Tails crossed


For inc-dom I wouldn’t say normal. To keep with what’s there I’d say visual. Really i don’t see adding het/homo useful there as if you don’t know inc-dom het is visual, the het part means nothing to you anyways and just starts to sacrifice cleanliness of what we are displaying imo. Non genetic but marketable seems to be a rarity unless you had something in mind? I assumed possible covered the pos Dom/inc-doms


I agree and disagree with you.

Het is only related to recessives, whereas pos could be relating to recessives and inc/dom as sometimes you cannot always visually see it but it is there especially with granite combos, champagne combos and pinstripe combos.

Obviously Hets have certain markers like pied producing tracks and ringers but most of the time a het isn’t visual anyways.

Or am I just not understanding your point? I don’t want a debate, it’s just a proposal.

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Het means heterozygous which means one copy of a gene, doesnt matter if the gene is dom/res/incdom, thats how things like HRA (het red axanthic) can be used without a problem. Because it IS accurate.

As for it being labelled as normal, i can see maybe naming it het or single gene.

But what id love to see is maybe additions/changes in the other section, seperatilng localities, dinkers, polygenic Into their own colors (maybe really desaturated colors, but not quite grey.

Im not sure and havent the time to put much thought in atm

Okay… In that case I sincerely apologize.

I actually thought the Het term meant something completely different than when referring to a single copy inc/dom.

Please accept my apologies.