Cherryhead vs Redfoot…

I am seriously considering one of these two tortoises. I am a little concerned about maintaining humidity properly, as all my other critters are better suited for dry climates, but I think I can maintain 60%+ with little effort. Prolly a little more effort in the winter time. Any thoughts? tips? on keeping a suitable humidity level? Does either of these two require a higher humidity, or are they similar?

Somewhere, I read that cherryheads were more social. I tried to find that again, but nothing! Did I dream this? I don’t mind spending an extra c-note for something that shows more interest, but less likely to pay for the prettier face… Any comments on this?


Soaking them daily, or at least frequently, is a good idea. We keep ours outdoors, which makes things easier here in SoFL, but still try to regularly soak.

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