Cinnamon Banana Pieds

I have a buddy who is toying with the idea of making cinny banana pieds, but when we looked on MM there have never been any listed. Is there a reason behind this? Or has it really not been done? It wouldn’t be an overly difficult combo to hit so I can’t imagine it hasn’t been done. Anyone have any insight?

Not difficult to make however VERY high white (90%) so a bit of a waste IMO when you add colors and end up with a mostly white snake, does not mean that they are not out there.

That was kinda my thought also, the high white part that is. I’m still surprised there haven’t been any listed on MM.

I mean there are cinny pieds and cinny bananas for sale so its possible the banana cinny pieds are out there.

Cinnamon Banana Piebald

As Deb said, they are extremely white.

@eaglereptiles probably a big reason we don’t see many/any.

What if you threw a low white expression like enchi in there would those balance out or does one overpower the other?

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I have noticed that genes like cinnamon are overpowering over certain genes so if I had to guess then I would say that a cinnamon enchi pied would be fairly high white

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Pretty much every Cinnamon Pied combo I’ve seen on MM is high white. I don’t think the two genes work well together to make visually unique animals.

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