Clutch 2021-4

Clutch 2021-4 due 5/30/21

Lesser Clown x HGW


They are all out. Now to wait for sheds. Both lesser hgw will be held back and preliminary look says one is male and one female.


All out!

Thoughts on ID @saleengrinch , because I feel like its weird I didn’t get any single gene lesser?
2 photos per baby. My thoughts are every two photos.
Pairing Lesser Clown x HGW

Normal Het Clown

Normal Het Clown

HGW Het Clown

HGW Het Clown

HGW Het Clown

HGW Het Clown

Clutch photo including the 2 Soul Sucker Het clown holdbacks


That’s odd because I very rarely get single gene lessers in soul sucker clutches. And always seem to get a high number of soul suckers! I :100: agree with your ids! And I love the boldness of the striping of the soul suckers! Add yellowbelly and your in bidnezz lol Love seeing the hidden gene woma stuff!!!


Yeah that is weird

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