Clutch #3 ID help bamboo pin x calico YB

So the anticipation is over, and everyone is out and has shed for the first time. The weather outside is perfect this morning, so figured it would be good to grab some photos in the shade to post them up for some ID help. I feel pretty confident with the ID’s ive assigned them, but would like others to confirm if they suspect anything different.
Here’s the group photo, 6 healthy babies with no normals! (parents were Bamboo Pin mom x Calico YB dad).

I’ve got 3 pics of each baby, tried to get some good photos, i can retake if necessary, had one try to run away completely from me in the grass, luckily the color of it stuck out and was easy to find…

baby #1 is what i suspect to be a Calico YB. both the calico’s in this clutch gave me some little ringers, so that was cool to see.

baby #2 is what is by far my absolute favorite, and the colors are absolutely insane. I’m not even sure that my camera picks everything up as well as it looks in person. Believe this one to be a bamboo calico YB.

The next three i struggled with, as I believe babies 3 and 5 are the same genetics, but see some variation in the way the pin is expressed, and not sure if this is yb influence, or calico influence. I believe they have calico present due to the fact that the pin pattern is much more exploded and not near as clean as mom and baby #4.
baby #3 bamboo pin calico pos. YB?

baby #4 bamboo pin pos. yb (looks very similar to mom, not sure if YB is present here, leaning towards no…)

baby #5 is presumed to be a bamboo pin calico pos. YB, same as #3

and lastly baby #6 is what i believe to be the same as baby #1, being a calico YB with a nice cute little ringer.

any help would be wonderful. I’m still in awe by baby #2, absolutely stunner.


Very nice clutch. That Bamboo Calico poss YB is stunning. I love the way the white striping carries over on a diagonal from the one side to the other. I have never been a huge fan of either gene, but I always thought that Bamboo Calico combos were one of the best representations of both. Congrats!

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Thank you! Definitely is my favorite of the entire clutch, it came out much better than I could’ve asked for

Anyone out there a yb expert that can help me? @t_h_wyman @lumpy I’m tagging you both because I know you know everyone here, so not sure who would be best to try to get ID’s from. Thank you!

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Honestly, Travis will help you out. He is pretty good with IDing YB.

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Amazing clutch with some underappreciated Bamboo and Calico!

Wish I could help you more with the poss Calico/YB mixed with Bamboo. Following this to see if anyone has some tricks. One day I’ll be having the same problem as you.


Thank you! I’m hoping I can get some ID help as well on them. I’m pretty certain about the ID’s, apart from 3/4/5 having YB. I think only 1,2,5,6 have YB after some more thinking

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@t_h_wyman any thoughts on the presence of YB in these combos?

Sorry, I missed the first tag on this

I believe you have the following

  1. Calico YB
  2. Bamboo Calico YB
  3. Bamboo Calico Pin
  4. Bamboo Pin YB
  5. Bamboo Calico Pin YB
  6. Calico YB
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No worries, I know you’re busy and hopefully I wasn’t annoying tagging you again. Thank you!

Nope, not annoying at all. I do not normally log in on weekends so that was part of the delay, but I somehow missed the tag when I popped on Monday morning

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