Clutch morph ID

I am still early on in my breeding and working on getting comfortable with identifying morphs. I numbered the individuals in the clutch and marked the ones in the picture that are scaleless head, I know that sometimes the head scales can be difficult to see in a picture. I can add individual pics of the babies if necessary. I also have a pic of the parents underneath. The mom was sold to me as a sulfur, however either I had poor odds or she isn’t in fact sulfur as I got no black eyed lucys out of 10 eggs. If you see something different in the parents feel free to let me know that as well.


I think both parent’s have to have sulfur to get black eyed Lucy’s.
They are all nice looking babies.

You can get black eyed Lucy’s with fire and sulfur.
Similar to butter/lesser, coral glow/banana etc. Same thing different lines as far as I’m aware.

So I’d say she isn’t a sulfur OR just bad luck this time since there were 16 different combos you could hit.

Maybe @saleengrinch can help with id etc for you though :blush:


1,9,10 fireflys I’d say though. Love that morph :grin:

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I think Vanilla and Sulfur are hard to tell apart, also they are allelic.
She could be Vanilla.
Some of the babies heads are real washed out. So could have Pastel vanilla in some of them.
I am still learning also. Just a guess.

Ok first I think mom is a normal.1,9,10 firefly 6,8 pastel 4,2 fire 3 normal.


Thank you all so much! I’m getting more comfortable but certainly not there 100% though.

Any ideas on 5 and 7? 5 I thought just looked like a normal SH, but 7 may have something else at play. Not sure on either though.


Sorry didn’t list those 5 normal 7 fire. And your welcome!


Definitely not a Vanilla.

Full agreement here. Nothing about the female would indicate she is in the BlkEL complex