Clutch of 2021

2021 clutch is finally at day 50! Any day now we can expect our first clutch to hatch!

Pairing was a Banana X Normal!


Congrats love banana ball pythons

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Bananas are the best!

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Just started pipping!! So far got a banana and a normal poking out!


All the babies are out! Also have a surprise clutch from my other girl we didn’t think successfully paired :joy:


Second clutch just hatched out! 3/4 babies out, last one I’m kinda iffy about since they don’t really respond to light touches, so we’ll see! Sadly had one baby out of the first clutch pass, so I’m hoping this clutch is okay!

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Fingers crossed for them all :crossed_fingers:

Do you have updated pics of the first clutch?


Not yet, but I’ll take some in a few minutes!

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Only baby number 2 and the Banana are currently eating, but luckily the rest seem pretty okay still!

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