Clutch Pipped Early

So my first clutch of the year (3rd clutch total) just pipped 6 days early. The pairing was Pinstripe x Pastel Clown. At first things seemed normal. 7 eggs, 4 little heads were poking out, 1 was molded out, and 2 hadn’t pipped. I make the holes on the pipped eggs bigger as it looked like the babies were strangling themselves. Cut the 2 that hadn’t pipped. Those two looked fine and seemed to have reactions to touch but I couldn’t see the heads. I left them alone and cut the molded egg, it was dead, under developed.
Checked on the babies after 12 hours, the 4 are still alert, heads poking out but the 2 I cut were non responsive, couldn’t see their heads, so I opened the eggs a little more and found the heads but they definitely passed. So i’m thinking they couldn’t get their heads up and they drown in the eggs. The weird thing about this whole clutch is that it was still so early. 54 days. The eggs hadn’t even started to dimple.
Is there any way to prevent this in the future?

What temperature were you incubating at? There are a ton of variables for when they hatch and they end up doing their own thing. There’s no way to accurately predict when they will hatch. Sometimes they might hatch early and sometimes they might hatch late, but just letting them do their own thing is the best bet. Everything you did was great, and I don’t think you could have done anything to save those two that you cut.


Like @erie-herps said their is alot of variation and you did everything right this stuff happens and there is really nothing you can do


Thermometers are not perfect, happy hatching day

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