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Hi please help me identify the genetics of these hatchlings I made a post last week regarding my male who was sold to me as an ivory pied and I was pairing him to a female who was sold to me as a gravel with the odds that I got it appears he is some type of champagne combo and I’m unsure if the female is yellow belly or gravel please let me know your opinion and what you think the baby’s are


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I’m not great at this for sure, especially with these morphs, but I’m seeing champagne and pastel and what looks to my eyes like a super stripe?


I agree that one looks like super stripe. It’s odd since neither parent is suppose to be Spector. It is possible the female is Spector not gravel like originally thought, and the dad carries yb. This is a tough one for sure.

The first one ( I believe the first 2 photos) I see Champaign pastel and something lifting on the sides like yb complex.
The third one is Champaign obviously but other than that the photo doesn’t show the head or pattern well enough.
The forth photo looks super stripe to me as well… IDK who’s carrying what genes but is it possible that the female was previously paired and this could be duel sired @parthonegensis ?
The 5th photo looks to be Champaign plus something… maybe the yb complex that is wiping out the pattern… maybe champagne super stripe…
The 6th photo is Champaign pastel but I can’t tell other than that
I can’t tell how many of these are the same babies and just out of order though. Could you number them so we can tell which are of the same baby?
The last photo looks to be a yb complex animal but I can’t see the head and belly photos would help.


I actually don’t think any of those champagne have pastel.(could be wrong on this going to be hard to figure out for sure with a unknown champagne sire) Think it’s a combo of a bel gene and yellowbelly complex that’s giving them the whitish color. And that super is definitely Spector something Spector plus a yellowbelly complex gene. Spark Spector looks the same as super stripe and so does super spectre lol. Not sure on spectre gravel. Honestly you are going to have a super hard time hashing any of it out with any type of certainty. You are just guessing what the sire is because it was clearly misidentified.


It appears that you have:

Butter x2
Butter Champ
Champ Specter or YB
Butter Champ Specter or YB x2
SuperStripe Butter


I don’t see butter at all… why do you think butter out of curiosity? My champagne butter don’t look anything like that.

This is a Butter (or a Lesser, same gene different name)

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See I don’t see it but maybe it’s the photo. This would have been a yb complex animal for me but perhaps it’s a butter/lesser. I did want better photos of that one because a headstamp can help so much.

Champagne butters tend to be white and striped or broken striped(yellow) These definitely look butter champagne as opposed to Mojave. And you definitely have two single gene butters. Imo

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