Co-dom Questions

Hi everyone, I’m new to learning about morphs and breeding and I have some questions that may seem dumb but I just want some confirmation :sweat_smile: So can co-dominant/incomplete dominant traits not be passed down the same way dominant traits can? For instance, is Het Mojave or Het Ghi possible? Or are those traits only passed down if they’re visual?

Thanks in advance!

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A mojave is a “het mojave” and a GHI is a “het GHI”. “Het”, short for heterozygous, means that the two alleles at that locus are different, meaning they only have one copy of it. A super Mojave or super GHI would be a homozygous mojave or homozygous GHI

Because these traits are co-dominant, they are visible with only one copy of the allele present. As opposed a recessive trait that requires two copies of the allele to be visible


Okay that makes sense! Thank you!!!

heterozygous (het) animals carry one copy of a gene - incomplete or recessive
homozygous animals carry 2 copies - incomplete are often called supers and recessives are visuals

All incomplete dominant traits are heterozygous visuals or homozygous “supers”.
Dominant traits are also heterozygous or homozygous but the homozygous ones don’t look different than the heterozygous ones.

Het Mojave and Het Ghi are just called Mojave and GHI because they are heterozygous incomplete dominant.


More accurately, a Mojave is a het Leucistic and a GHI is a het SuperGHI


I’d think the overall name of the gene would be the “primary” name, not necessarily the homozygous version. I guess the “technically correct” terminology would be right even if it’s more confusing, albeit less helpful for newbies to understand.

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