Collection Advise Wanted

I would like to breed snakes as a small business, and there are a few things I’d like to breed. Would you take a look at my list and tell me if this is an appropriate accumulation of genes/types. Any suggestions on what to add or remove are welcome.
Ball pythons: the projects I have a passion for are Ghi/mojave, banana clowns, and Fire morphs.
Boas: I have a Columbian motley het snow male and a hypo het snow female.
Short Tails: A pair of Sumatrans
Colubrids: a pair of Mexican Black Kingsnakes, a pair of albino Condas, and either a pair of hybino bull snakes, or a pair of Vietnamese blue beauties.

Out of this list I currently own the boas and my fire bp pair, and this list is where I would eventually like to work up to. I greatly look forward to hearing your feedback

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Mike seems to have the only banana fire clown on MM at the moment but producing one would be a fantastic goal my friend! Mojave GHIs are great too!

If I were you I would get 1 or 2 banana clown females and a couple fire clown girls and put them to a clown or even a 100% het clown male. Hold back the nicest banana clown male you got from those (And 1-2 females for the future if you so wish) and use him as a main breeder (female maker), the next year put him back to the banana gals and a couple nice fire clown girls and you should have the makings of a nice banana fire clown project. Those will always be easy to sell! There’s the only banana fire clown on MM right now.

If I was going to try for a ghi/Mojave project as well I would get a couple Mojave females, get a super GHI male, and play some Kenny G in the snake room and watch the magic happen :wink:

That’s how I would approach that part :slight_smile:

not sure if you are “new” to snakes or not but for anyone wondering…always get your females first, they will take a couple years to raise up to size, get the male later because he will be ready sooner. No reason to spend a couple years worth of housing and food $ on a male who is just going to be sitting there with no girlfriend for 2+ years. Hence why I have my first 5 females right now and no males.


i know this is a bad example but female bp’s are kinda sorta like houses in the sense that they hold their value pretty well and in most cases the value goes up as they age. a female clown hatchling will run you about 400 to 600 on average but when that girl is all grown up then you are looking at a snake that is worth at least 1600 if not a good chunk more than that. so yeah to basically recap what you said, get females first.

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