Collection Thoughts?

I’ve been interested in breeding for the past 7 years and I’m finally able to put my foot in the door!

Here’s my collection so far, I’m planning on adding blackhead or black pastel, as well as stranger further down the road.

What genes would you suggest to pair?

Cinnamon Lesser Spotnose
GHI Firefly Calico
Crystal Coral Glow

Mojave Goldblush
Bamboo Firefly Orange Dream

Thank you for reading!!


Greetings and welcome! You have some lovely snakes! I am not a breeder but I can assure you that you will get some great advice on your pairing questions.

Best of luck to you and your future breeding adventures! You have found the right place for just about everything you need/want to know about reptiles! :snake::sunglasses::blush::lizard::frog:


That’s already a really strong group once you do decide where to go.
As a warning. If you do pick up a cinnamon later on, crossing to the black pastel can be an issue. The 8 ball complex is known to cause duckbilling or other facial deformities and kinking.

There’s a lot of options. Are you looking for tried and true or unique for example? Do you have something that you would want for yourself? An ideal holdback or combo? A lot of what you have is in the BEL complex obviously. So there are some limits on what you can ID in hatchlings as well. I’ll post couple of pairs I would think of trying and the highlights of why I would. A more experienced breeder may come in and give a better direction or idea for sure.

  • Mojave Goldblush x GHI firefly Calico - Mojave GHI are popular and make an interesting looking snake. Fire Mojave is also a pretty little snake and the addition of goldblush may take that a step further if you hit it.
  • Bamboo Firefly OD x GHI firefly calico - If bred to this male, that’s your chance for super fire/BlkEL. You can also hatch out firefly GHIs or firefly orange dreams. A couple neat little snakes with lots of pattern
  • Mojave Goldblush x Crystal Coral Glow - everything is going to be mojave or special (ty Wreckroom). Otherwise you’ll get a nice mixed bag with more crystals or SuperMojos. There’s a trick for IDing coral glow in the crystals/supers as well. I would love to see how bright a mojave CG GB would be in person.
  • Mojave Goldblush x Cinnamon Lesser spotnose - A little hard to ID if you hit a lot of BELs. But these genes could make a nice mixed bag for a future clown project with a mojave cinnamon spotnose.

That’s a couple quick little thoughts on what you have. It’s still easy to mix it up any way and hatch out some really cool ones. Because of how difficult the BEL IDs could be when extra genes are tossed in the mix, I would avoid any attempt to dual sire if possible.

I’d love to see what other ideas people come up with.
I just picked up a little firebee GHI orange Ghost that I’m hoping to cross into my coral glow BEL Orange Ghost group so I would jump on that first pair I mentioned if I had yours. LOL


You have some nice snakes there! I am partial to the goldblush Mojave having a few myself. I always thought goldblush Mojave’s are way better then pastaves (pastel, Mojave) I would go with blackhead instead of black pastel because of the reasons @armiyana pointed out, which I agree with. Also if you can afford it stranger is still a pretty rare morph and could definitely help out most people’s collections. Good luck with your future projects!


@armiyana & @banereptiles It amazes me how ALL of you breeders can talk about morphs and traits and genes and what does and doesn’t go with what and so on with such expertise! It seems/sounds like rocket science to me! I don’t even know genes from jeans! Lol!

What you breeders do is WAY more than just stick 2 snakes together! It’s literally a fine art. Kind of like R & D! I would NEVER be able to figure it all out. That’s a reason why I don’t like to ask for discounts when I buy a new snake because I realize all the hard work that goes into the breeding process!! :wink:. Even though I have on occasion. But I do it politely! Lol!


Small correction here. Crystal is special mojave, so no mystics would be possible in the pairing. :slight_smile:


@wreckroomsnakes thank you for catching that. For some reason I have potions on the brain today. Lol.


Thank you for the info!!! I’ve been trying to catch myself back up on all the reading and videos haha. I’m hoping to add pied and clown in further down the line, hopefully next season!

I’m very excited to see what can be done with the Bamboo but he wont be ready until the 2025 season probably :slight_smile:

That sounds like a beauty!!! What are your goals for that one, if you don’t mind me asking?


I’m not 100% sure on it yet. I may try crossing him to my holdback mystery girl I hatched to test for fire, get a few special GHI or mojave GHIs. The only genes I’m absolutely sure on are crystal coral glow, and most likely fire and citrus pastel because she’s SO pale.
Otherwise I have a the mom, a CG mojave fire het OG and a special citrus firefly OG. They would make some beautiful babies with him.

Here’s my little mystery. This is what I mean by BEL complex getting tough to ID.
She’s a pale yellow all over in person. When I tried Blacklighting her there was just a darker wash on top and not really a pattern visible, but I need to pick up a new battery for it…and maybe a 2nd with another wavelength to see. Her eyes glow the bright red when I maglight the top of her head so CG is there.

Pairing was Citrus pastel Enchi Crystal het OG x CG Fire Mojo het OG.


Hmm it’s definitely gonna be interesting seeing what proves out! I hope you share the progress, I’d love to see it.

Ive also fallen in love with Crystals, I had one pet only female named Peach who was the sweetest thing. She’d curl up with me or just go exploring, she was known as a clepto for wrapping things in her tail and taking it with her haha. Ive only done it once but I was able to hand feed her, she wouldnt strike. She’d just slither up, poke it with her nose, then wrap her mouth around it and take it. She was a super pastel crystal though, I believe

By the way, by dual sire, did you mean pairing 2 males to one female?


Yeah. 2 males to the 1.
It will just help you keep track for now and keep a better idea of what the babys have or don’t have. Because you can still have eggs from both fathers in one clutch.


Yeah that was not apart of my agenda lol maybe further down the road when I’m better at IDing lol


Not a lot of bad options there. My only note would be that if you breed the two Fireflys together, as observed in a previous comment, you could make Super Fires which are really pretty all white snakes. But in that pairing you will potentially loose the value of additional genes as they will not be visually represented in a Super Fire. Same possibility if you cross your Mojave/Bamboo into the lesser or crystal girl (which seems inevitable with your current males).


I am planning on adding another male to the collection but it has been a bit difficult for me to find some good ones that i like and that are healthy options. Do you have any suggestions?


Stranger is a good plan, lace would be complimentary to the genes you have in your females and is probably going to be a popular morph for the next few years. Confusion/Acid is always fun to add, big visuals in those girls and lots of variety. And of course as others have probably mentioned a recessive male would be a good bet. Stranger, lace, confusion are all still on the spendy side but you will be making visuals in the first clutch with those genes. Then you can hold back the nicest looking and reinvest your sales into a complementary visual recessive. But again, not really any wrong answers with your starters. My only other observation is that if you dip in to recessive with a Pied, a lot of those genes are going to be high white. If thats your thing then dive in, but clown/lav/hypo/dg are probably better fits with your current females in terms of contrast and visual variety.


Pied and BEL genes can cause eye issues in the hatchlings as well. It’s most obvious in BEL Pieds, but sometimes happens in single gene Mojos or Lesser Pieds as well.


Hey yall!! Just wanted to give an update, we found some amazing animals at the Redding show, waiting for the Sacramento show to hopefully add a couple more!
We have added:
1.0 Black Pastel Coral Glow Leopard
1.0 Pastel Leopard Pied