Compatible reccesives?

I understand that some recessive genes are compatible but I’m unsure of which and how many are compatible. If any of you have info I’d appreciate you guys sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a few lines of hypos that are not compatible however the most commonly work with such as Orange Ghost, Bell, Butterscotch are.

Than axanthics none of the lines are compatible.

Albino, Candy, & Toffee are allelic.
I’ve read that Sentinel and Paint are as well.
I don’t know if anyone has ever tried Ultramel and Lavender, but I know that neither are allelic or compatible with Caramel.
Scaleless head and microscale?
Orange Crush and Orange Ghost?

Desert Ghost and Enhancer

As has been said, most of the Hypo lines are, with a couple exceptions

Ultramel, Burgundy, and Crider are all allelic. There is speculation Monarch may fall in there but no one has done the breeding to prove it out.

Lav is NOT compatible with any of the other T-plus types, but there are multiple lineages of it out there

Sentinel and Paint have proven to be allelic. Nazca and Neo are most likely in the same complex

There are three (that I know of) independent lines of TriStripe, I know that at least two of them have proven compatible and I am sure the third will as well.

I would lump Sahara in with DesertGhost and Enhancer

I have speculation on a couple others but the last time I voiced one of them I was laid in to for “starting rumours to try and devalue the project” so…

I’m not quite sure I understand what “compatible recessive” means.

A few days ago I saw a video showing the enhancer gene (recessive). Before they said what it was, I thought it was a desert ghost. Then they mentioned that it was compatible with DG.

Does this mean they are two different lines of the same recessive morph?

That is basically what it means, yes. The same mutation, just 2 different lineages.

Ok thanks. So something can’t be BOTH desert ghost and enhancer because they are the same gene with different names?

Not entirely.

If one gene comes from a DG and the other comes from an Enhancer then it would be “both”… But since there is fundamentally no difference between them you could call it either and it would not matter and, likewise, you could call the hets either and it would not matter

In contrast, Albino and Candy are allelic and are fundamentally different which is why we call the combo of them a Candino. And we also cannot just call the hets produced from a Candino whatever we want because the would be different depending on which gene they inherited; some would be het Albino and some would be het Candy. And the only way to know which was which would be by breeding them out


What were you laid in to for saying? I’m intrigued now and certainly wont lay into you lol