Conception relative to ovulation?

Basically I’m wondering how close to ovulation is a lock with a new male too late for him to possibly father the clutch. I realize there are no guarantees which male will father if both were in the window but wondering when the window closes.

I got a last minute idea to switch males and first lock was about 12 days before ovulation and second/last was about 3 days before. Was the switch too late?

I might be able to tell paternity for some babies based on visual morphs and if enough tests are available by then should be able to ID most of the rest via testing. But just wondering if the last minute minute male is even possible as the father.


Since ovulation is when the eggs get released from the actual ovaries… that is when conception should be possible. The follicle will separate from the ovary into the oviduct where it will begin forming the shell.
Or at least that’s my understanding of the process. :person_shrugging:

So you may still have that dual sire clutch if she was hanging on to the sperm from the first male as well.

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Sort of wondering if the swelling we can see and call ovulation really is ovulation and if fertilization might have happened at some point before that.

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