Consolidate same genes

Is there a movement i guess you could say, to consolidate genes that we know are the same thing? Genes like banana and coral glow, fire and flame, butter and lesser, enchancer and desert ghost to name a few. I know there are many others. It would take the confusion out of it.

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There has been discussion. Not sure where we are with it. @eaglereptiles would be best to speak on that


I think IF genetic testing can confirm two different lineages are the exact same mutation that would lend support to consolidating names. But keep in mind so far testing has found different mutations that we only have one name for so might not pan out.


Exactly this.
I wonder if the 2 different YB genes are why some animals seem to be a surprise with lower expression.

The other downside is that there can be some polymorphic traits in the genes mentioned above. So continuing to use the additional name can be important for tracking lineage. Like… My 'citrus pastel’s are definitely more bright and blushed than the ‘pastel’ gene. But they’re both technically just ‘pastel’ or iirc there’s 'Noco special’s which is a beautiful line bred ‘special’

Last… How do you choose?
Do you just take the name of the one that was produced first?

We basically know banana and coral glow are the same because 2 animals were bagged in Africa and sold at the same time…I have one of each line. I prefer the name coral glow over banana.
Would you hold a poll at the big reptile shows? Here on MM?

It really sucks because everyone is trying to be the next big thing… So things get labeled as such without proving it out or found at the same time from different lines and because they’re both ‘new’ they never get tested against each other until they become more common.

It’s definitely not as simple as ‘just consolidate’. The allelic morph list here on the forums is a good resource to keep up on a few of these very similar genes. Otherwise it’s just being cautious when you see something new being listed and comparing it to similar genes you may have seen.


We have made steps towards this.

In the Morphpedia you will see that there is only one published article per trait, with other lines being left unpublished, in an “Alias” state.

Look at Banana for example. Coral Glow is listed in the “Proven Lines”, and does not have its own independent published article.

Coral Glows “alias” article will remain only on the MRC for discussion and info transfered to the “Proven Lines” of Banana.

The same with Het Red Axanthic, which has alias/proven lines (i will refer to as A/PL from here) of Lori, Gypsy and Lace Black Back.

And Yellowbelly also, with A/PLs of Bling, Goblin, Flare and Orange Belly.

But where it gets more confusing/sillier is that there are also “lines” of A/PLs, such as Exo-Lbb = Lace Black Back.

Eventually the morphpedia will be the central tool in MorphMarket ’s traits database. How searches on the market will be handled is still in discussion though.

Basically what im saying is that the information/consolidation is there, its just not implemented into the market database yet.


Coming back to this after the morning coffee… but I’m not sure if that’s going to help me word this clearer, and this is more towards the documentation of traits rather than for the MM database.

I don’t think that trait should be merged completely, they are great for lineage tracking and searching, but a “title” needs to be worked on for each step of a complex.

I think we are far enough into this as a community to start really working on dissecting each rung of the ladders.

For example, the Superstripe Complex.

SS = The whole Complex
SS1 = Yellowbelly - Full lucy
SS2 = Spark & Specter - mid lucy
SS3 = Asphalt & Gravel - low lucy

SS1a = Bling
SS1b = Goblin
SS1c = Flare
SS1d = Orange Belly


Of course genes that are allec i dont think should be lumped together., but the genes that are literally the same thing but different names, like banana and coral glow, lesser and butter. Recessives that may be the same but not compatible should stay separate (axanthic as an example) there is no easy solution and it will definitely be controvery over it.

I didn’t mention consolidated allelics. I mentioned the allelic morph list because they have the Same Morph Different Name section listed in there as well. For things like Bling or Goblin and the banana/CG

The other thing I mentioned is that because of genetic testing we actually now know that there are actually 2 different mutations that we call Yellowbelly and that both create ivory not a single mutation. Either gene by itself or one of each will cause ivory.

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