Contemplating breeding

Hi! I want to start off by saying I’m just in the research stage right now, trying to evaluate if this is something I want to do.
I’ve been pondering a small scale breeding hobby and I’m trying to decide if I should focus my research towards gargoyle or crested geckos. I have the space and resources to do either of them ethically.
My thoughts so far from what I’ve seen:
-Crested breeding is a very saturated market but pet quality geckos seem to have a reliable interest and while carried in most brick and mortar retailers, are not always available so there is still a need for supply
-gargoyle geckos are far less saturated but outside of shows they’re extremely difficult to find locally so either the market could easily bear another small scale breeder or there isn’t enough interest and all sales would be online and involve long distance shipping

I love both species and care far more about the animals than any monetary “bottom line”
My desire to breed is more for life-fulfillment by expanding within my interests than to have a “business”
That said, no one wants to hemorrhage money in the pursuit of happiness.
So I’m not asking for breeding/husbandry advice or for anyone to share sensitive information unique to their business but any advice on either, or if someone breeds/has bred both, would be much appreciated!

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Unsure where you are.

But cresties are everywhere atm. And unless higher end with lineage then they’re a pain to sell. I have found no one really wants ‘pet’ quality ones to be honest, shame but with all the new traits being found and morphs/colours etc I do get it.

Gargoyles again I’ve found don’t sell well here really. (UK) Since you can’t really keep together I think this may be the case too. Depends where you are though as said.
Though I have a pair myself, (female coming soon) and are higher end colour wise and lineage wise (breeders known basically on the female side) which will help when I do breed/sell them.

Cresties too though you can keep females together if you wanted more geckos. (As long as they get on). Gargoyles you need to keep alone.

So really depends on what you wanted to do, and how many you wanted I suppose.

If you prefer Cresties go for them, if gargoyles go for them.
And also with Cresties more so, do go for structure, colouration, and lineage if you’re breeding.
No one wants a Crestie with a tiny head :sweat_smile:
And I will say, try to stay away from the spots, unless ‘clean’ Dalmatians. As if spots are being added to other traits people aren’t keen…


Thank you for the reply! I’m in the US (Midwest)

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I’d suggest to start with which ever you prefer but be prepared to keep them all! Letting them go will be hard :sweat_smile: