Cool reptiles amphibians and invertebrates for a 16x16x16 wood enclosure

So i am in a class that we work with wood and other materials and one of our assignments is a custom project and i’m making a 16x16x16 enclosure and i want some thing to put inside of the enclosure if anyone has an wacky but not as expensive ideas but would be interesting if you have an idea please share it i need cool ideas

A House Snake could live in something that size quite happily, for months up to a year or two depending on the species, before needing an upgrade. My own two year old fuliginosus lives in a 19x12X12 on my desk, but he’s TINY for his age due to being a slow starter.

Here’s a video Adam Wickens did about animals that can live in a “10 gallon” enclosure, roughly the size you have there, give or take a little.

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I’ll check them out i’ve heard of them and done some research but they haven’t sparked as much interest in me for some reason

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If sealed, a chameleon gecko could work.

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Ok thank you my parents don’t like snakes much but if i can find a snake that can live in a cage this size that eats earthworms like the ringneck and dekays brown but i have heard of a snake that eats crickets no idea if its can live in the size of enclosure i am making