Corn Snake Doesn't Feed Well

Hi, was looking for some advice. I have 11 snakes, most feed all the time with only shedding being the time when one or two of the collection don’t eat (most will still eat the day before shedding). However, I have a young corn snake that only eats about 2/3 meals. I’ve tried all kinds of ways to encourage a higher acceptance rate, but she refuses. Its a little odd, because my male corn snake eats like a pig and would eat every day if I offered it and they’re kept in identical conditions.

I only offer food once a week to the girl at the same time. I use to offer her a large pinkie but she refused to eat for four weeks. I then offered her two small pinkies which she ate happily. But since then she is randomly eating. Sometimes she’ll eat both small pinkies, sometimes one and then sometimes none at all.

I’m not adverse to changing feeding routines to suit the snake. I’ve got a house snake that won’t eat if I’m in the room and a hognose that will only eat if his dinner is placed on a plate (snakes can be weird sometimes).

Is there a way to improve her feeding success rate? I was hoping to use her for a breeding project, so any advice would be good.

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How old is this new baby? Are you keeping record of her weight week to week? If so is she gaining?

Have you tried scenting with tuna or chicken juice? Have you tried braining? What techniques have you tried when it comes to offering the food item? Tongs? In tub? Out of tub? In a small tall container with tongs? Small container with lid covered up?

I ask all this because currently I have 5 baby females I am raising up for breeding and each individual one needs at least one of the things above to feed successfully.

One of my girls is also inconsistent with if she will eat or how much. And with her I have to sit and move the f/t pinky around her a lot while she is in the main baby feeding container (only used for feeding babies and always smells of food) until eventually she just suddenly decides to eat. It can sometimes take 15 min. of “chasing” her to get her to actually eventually eat. And I always have to brain it, and rewarm it if she takes to long and it gets cold. If I leave her in a small container alone she won’t eat at all.

Sometimes babies are just a little slow to start. As long as she is gaining weight, pooping, and shedding you are okay. It just might mean she takes longer to grow to the size needed for breeding.

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Can we see pics of the setup? Does she have places to hide and feel secure? How often do you handle? I myself have a baby corn like you and have not had a problem with feeding. If anything she is too hungry when I feed but I wont complain

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