Could a hognose or corn snake live in an adult ball python tub?

Hey everyone! Currently I have leopard geckos and ball pythons, but I’d love to get another snake. I’m still undecided about whether or not I want to get a hognose or a corn snakes. My question is do you guys recommend keeping either of them in a V-70? If I get a baby of either I’ll probably keep them in a smaller tub until they get bigger, but as an adult could I keep them in a V-70 or is it to big for them to be healthy. I’ll definitely put enough hides and foliage for them to hide but just wanted to ask. Thank you!

You can definitely put an adult female hognose in there. Males are a bit iffy. Some might be okay and some might not. I don’t think I would put an adult corn in there. They get a fair bit longer than hognoses and I would want to give them more room to roam around.

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Alright, I’m still deciding so I’m in no rush to get one I just wanted to know what my options were since I have a free tub. If push comes to shove and I end up wanting a corn snake I’ll probably get a whole new enclosure and deck in out for it. I appreciate it!

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Many colubrid keepers regularly keep adult rat/king/corn snakes in V70 style tubs.