Could any expert here guess my gecko’s morph?

Could any expert here guess my gecko’s morph? I got my baby from pet’s mart.


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Definitely “super hypo”, meaning no spotting on the body.

The body color is really light, this is called Astanthax, so possibly “Mack Snow”.

The light colored banding can be a “Tremper” trait.

My guess would be “Super Hypo Mack Snow het Tremper”. But definitely would get a second opinion!


Thank you expert! What do you think about me breed this with tangerine?

I would not suggest breeding the gecko unless you know 100% what the morph is. The chances of someone buying the babies will be slim unless they just want it for a pet.

Also, if you plan to - your little one looks quite young. You would need to wait until next season to breed. Females need to be a certain weight and age to produce healthy eggs and keep herself in a healthy condition after laying. There are many sites that have some good videos to watch for breeding leopard geckos!

Best of luck!

Thank you for your advice. Ill upload pictures of her next two months!

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I agree with reptitrix about waiting until your little lady is old enough/weighs enough :slight_smile: Waiting until next season is also a great idea because then you can take the time to learn all about breeding! Breeding is very rewarding and a great educational experience, so I would encourage you to do your research and see if it’s something you want to try next season. Just keep in mind that it’s also a big responsibility! You’ll be responsible for caring for all the babies and rehoming them, and without the genetics you may not get much for them because genetics are pretty important in the leopard gecko community.

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Thank you for the advice! But how do you distinguish the season? Every summer and winter?

The breeding season is about February to September, but most of mine stop in August and some don’t start laying until March/April. I would say if your lady is old enough and healthy enough you could start trying next February!

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