Could someone help me?


I have been in this forum for some time now and every day I keep learning more from the most experienced Ballpython handlers and breeders.I only have a Ghi Pastel het Clown Male and a Mojave het Clown female and I would love to try to breed them next season.

Now, my purpose with this is that I would like to meet people like me or with more experience in this hobby that live near me. I read and look for a lot of information but what I miss is come into contact with someone, talk, share experiences, etc. with someone who has pythons (I don’t usually talk much with my friends or family, they don’t have the same interest as me…)

Say that I live in Germany, zip code 83413, and I will be grateful for your answers.

Thank you very much.


Don’t be surprise if no one comes forward, not many people will invite you in their home where one of their most valuable asset is.

There has not been a shortage of people getting robbed by former customers, employees, friends over the years so letting a stranger in is a considerable risk for anyone with a valuable collection.


That is a very good point. That also makes me wonder how many celebrities homes have been burgled over the years because of MTV Cribs.

It’s not that noone wants to invite people round to show of their animals, it’s just hard to know who to trust, and even harder when you know that person has a interest in your animals.

Your best bet to make face to face friends in the community will be reptile expos (when they open up fully again) :blush:.


Yeah, I likely won’t let people in my house to see any snakes regularly until I can get security cameras set up in my reptile room and outside the side door entrance to the reptile room. At least then if anyone breaks in, I’d be able to catch it on camera.

Though I also live in the US, so I wouldn’t be of much help anyways :sweat_smile: Best of luck either way— as @eaglereptiles said, try and meet people at expos when they start opening up again! You can always also check places like Facebook for local reptile groups.


You’re right, I didn’t think about that. Anyway I’m not trying to get someone to invite me directly to see their collection etc. What I am interested in is meeting people and making friendly connections, from which I can continue to learn or even help someone else about our wonderful hobby.

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simple rule and advice for the life dont trust strangers just saying

I understand your advice, and I share your opinion. When I wrote this topic, I didn’t even think about that. Now that we’re talking about it, I understand no one’s volunteering for my request. It´s ok.

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germany has a lot of breeders!!! im from italy and I dont breed BP so I can’t help you


I’d love to be able to make those contacts in Hamm, for example. But I’d like something closer to my area. In the north of Germany there are more breeders than in my area. I only know the breeder who i bought my snakes (Xclusive Snakes) and it is a normal Relations (Seller/Buyer) and only via email. And I don’t know if there are any breeders in an area of not too many km.

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Stick around on here and you will surely make a few friends that you can chat with (you can direct message other users also).

As for expos, I know there is one in Hamburg but going of your zip code that is a 9hr drive.
You may be able to find one closer to you here though

You will also find this useful Morph Map


true!! this is a great community


Germany has a lot of breeders!


Yes, i live so far from Hamm :(. For example, I wanted to go personally to buy my snakes and meet Marcello and see his great collection, etc. The problem is that it’s also about a 3-hour drive

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I saw that today too. I’d love to contact a breeder who’s less than an hour away.

A lot of breeders host patreon meetings, or might be up for zoom meetings/consultations. Consider offering to pay for a consultation on specific topics.

Think of it as hiring a consultant or tutor. The contacts can be made virtually to avoid the in person challenges outlined above. Send FB messages, or YouTube video messages to people you would like to meet.

You’re going to have to do the footwork. The worst they can say is no. But someone will eventually say yes. Buy a snake or two from one of them. There’s lots of ways to make contact.

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Thank you so much. I´ll try it :slightly_smiling_face: