Crazy snek hates being held

Anyone else have a snake that just has a heart attack every time you handle it? I have one that pees every where no matter what and shakes its tail like crazy while circling her tub every time I handle her even if its a few minutes.

A lot of different breeds of snakes do that as a defense. What kind of snake is it?

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ball python

How old and big is your BP? Size has a lot to do with their defensive behavior. 250g-400g is when they usually grow out of the constantly scared mode.

shes around 2 and a half years and 1100 grams

Then she normally seems to give up and lay out on top of her hide not coiled or anything which seems strange to me

First generation domestic? Something like that?

Not sure to be honest, didn’t grow this one up I bought her at around 900 grams

Just a thought. Maybe she will never be much for handling.

If she wasn’t well socialized from the start, or had traumatic events when handled, then she might be overly defensive from that. Or it could be setup related.

My 3k spotnose female is the exact same way, I got her from a bigger breeder that I know had little interaction. She acted exactly like my first wild caught decades ago. She’s made some progress, but unfortunately I doubt she will ever be a regular handler unfortunately.

My pied male hisses and is jumpy every time I open the cage door. He eats great, sheds perfect. Just jumpy. I handle him once a week, but try to leave him alone. All my snakes have different personalities. It’s pretty interesting. Just make sure to follow proper husbandry with hides, temps, and humidity.