Crested Gecko lineage pricing

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Question, whats does this guy sell for? I NEED TO KNOW…

Dal spots unfortunately would lower the price. And depends on lineage also.
But a bright red male harlequin from Geckos Mad with no spots was sold the other day for 130, messaged the woman who had him as was hoping was for sale but she was looking for a female as just brought him :sweat_smile:

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Well this particular one I’m not selling but I bought him from a local show for $150 roughly two years ago.

Crazy I ask cause i breed these lil guys, same style & color i have 2 hachlings and another 6 eggs all my gecks come out dark chocolate or brown, harley quine then i sell them to my local pet store 30$

Same thing would happen to me but back then I would breed a bicolor red (very bright red too) with a bicolor Dalmatian that was kind of yellowish green and the babies would hatch out super dark red then as they got older they would turn dark brown. I’ve never kept any to see how they look as adults but it would bum me out that they weren’t red at all once they were older.

If you’re ok with shipping, I’d personally recommend to sell them online, you could get better money for them. I used to do that myself then I realized a lot of people were buying online and I ended up getting better money for them.

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Yeah when older not really red red. More of a brownish burgundy red! We have a Male like this, a female slightly lighter. Then a red which is actually red. And a bright red extreme tri also!
And my phantom Lilly fires up a nice red!
So many different types of red about, depends what people like, I personally like the bright red like my girl! So hoping she gives me a male like her this year! :sweat_smile:
Then next year she’s going with my phantom Lilly.


Okay so I’ve missed a few of these and I’ve read through them, so hopefully I’ve caught up.

What I have done, is I made a website with all my little cuties on.

I have a blog that feeds directly to it and the link is on my morph market page.

I am not selling any reptiles yet, but when I do I can put a note on the bottom of the morph market page stating parents can be seen via website and I will put the names of the parents in the pics.

As I said I’m not selling yet so it needs more work, but the idea is that people can see I’m not just about selling, I’m about the care of reptiles and that I have put the time into them.

I still anticipate people will want to be emailed pics, but also if people are really interested in the reptile and the seller, they will go on there.

As for price, it would depend on age, sex and lineage as well as morph