Crested gecko personality shift and tail drop

Jupiter was doing so good tonight that I decided to give him a little treat of mashed banana!


He looks to be enjoying his treat :relaxed:


So as of tonight it has been exactly 2 weeks since Jupiter dropped his tail. He’s overall doing great! I was able to sit on the floor and handle him for about 10 mins tonight.
I’m contemplating moving him back into his bioactive, but I don’t want to move him back prematurely and have him get an infection.
Also because I’ve been trying to give him space he’s still very wobbly and isn’t used to jumping around without a tail. He definitely over shot his jumps thinking his tail would catch him and ended up falling (hence why I sat on the floor haha he didn’t have far to fall)

But yeah I was hoping to get some second opinions on whether I should put him back in his bio.

Also sorry I know this photo is terrible but it was the best I could get at the time.


Glad his doing okay. I’m sure he will get use to it eventually :blush: