Crestie feet questions

We got this little one as a pet only because she was polydactyl. I’m not seeing extra toes here. What say you?

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Looks good to me.
Also even if it was, it’s still able to breed fine :blush:


Cool. I’ll get some shots of her later. She’s pretty jumpy from the ride home. Fires up really dark too!


The ride home is always fun, having to worry if a tail is going to be thrown off or not :blush:


Exactly! I’d really hate that one!


I don’t see any extra toes.

My Fudge has an extra toe! I didn’t know when I bought him and it wouldn’t of changed my mind. It doesn’t do them any harm and there is no reason to not breed them.

Can’t wait for more pics :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is the photo from the ad. My grandson loves her already! Named her Lita.


Pretty sure random extra digits aren’t genetic, so idk why you wouldn’t be able to breed one even if it has an extra toe.

That was kinda my thought. But if they want to sell it discounted for that reason I’ll take it. May never breed her but she sure is cute to me.

It can be passed onto offspring but not guaranteed, however it poses no health risks, it is just incase someone didn’t like the look of it.

If selling a Crestie with polydactyl, I would always make it known but doesn’t mean the Crestie is unhealthy.

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