Crossing The Streams (Aka Morph Lines)

I know that some lines have gained a better standing than others and with certain people more than others. Do you have anything in particular you’re working with? I ask this question because I see Banana and Coral glows listed as the same thing on a few ads. So they either don’t know or don’t care and actually bred them together. So something like the Lace Black Back, Green Pastel, Het Red Axanthic, Would have to be respected enough for any of them to really last and actually show enough signs of difference? (I use this example because Het Red was my first favorite morph and seeing the “history” is cool) would you seperate those three? I see the Barnhardt* Black Pastel line and I’d have to say they are up there on my list but I would like to hold one with a “regular black pastel”. They look sharp to me an actual noticable difference. I’m not saying every new line someone wants to create or “find” deserves any recognition but which ones do you respect? And would you cross any of these to make their super if they had one and is that no longer respecting either lineage? Did pastel ever stand a chance or was it always variable?


Based on my experience and having work with various lines of Pastel, Black Pastel, Coral Glow and Banana, Hypo people do not care about lines the only time the question comes up from a potential customer it is about compatibility which pertain to Hypo and Axanthic.

For me it’s not about the line it’s about finding the best looking animal regardless of the line, there will be outstanding and poor example in any lines.


My favorite morph next to Pied is LBB. I was intrigued by it for many years before I moved away from ball pythons due to other circumstances.
I don’t think HRA and LBB are the same gene. Very similar but a tad different. It was my plan to breed my old Super LBB with a Red Axanthic once I acquired one, I never did. And hopefully either prove myself wrong(very likely) or see how they reacted with each other.
I would like to see evidence of someone breeding a HRA(Corey Woods line) to a LBB(Amir line). Those 2 lines came out a year apart, and that’s the lines I think you’d have to pair to prove they are the same morph.

I work with retics now so I don’t see myself revisiting that project. But with retics I do hold some lines above others. There are snakes that have been bred that have better contrast and color, from line breeding. And you can see the difference in my opinion.

For example in BP, the Flora and Fauna line calico is far better than a regular calico. They display higher white sides, better contrast, and a much sharper color. But that’s not the case with all lines, and like Deb mentioned, you can still have snakes from any line look average.

Since you mentioned you enjoy HRA, here is my old Super LBB. I very much recommend looking for one, they are gorgeous and seriously untapped


So lets say for example I have a very highly regarded line of clown, lets name it line A. So there is still the possibility of that line making a lower expression clown? Do most lines stay at least somewhat consistent in terms of quality in your experience?

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Not to toot my own horn, but I have a male that was bred by Amir on the way. He’s a Mahogany, LBB I can’t wait to get him in. Ive been looking at Woods stuff too. That is a nice looking snake. I would like to make something like that one day.


That’s awesome! Amir produces amazing stuff.
Thank you, she was the one snake in my collection and projects I was most excited for. I was going to add her in with Leo, Clown and Pied. It’s never been done and can you imagine a Super LBB Leo Pied, or Super LBB Leo Clown. I think it would have been just breathtaking.

That’s hilarious! I was looking at that the other day and wondered who was smart enough to grab it up. Nice pickup man!


That’s where selective breeding comes in play, holding and pairing only the best examples (according to your standards) to one another.

I have work very hard to try to produce reduced clowns and very reduced enchi (no spot) over the years and I would say that I do in 95% of the cases, every now and than I will still get some that will be of lower quality (based on my standard) but it is rare.