Curious about genetics

i don’t plan on breeding any time soon, but just out of curiosity, i have a BEL(blue eyed)(moj/but) het for pied male, just wondering if there’s any cool combination i could try? Unfortunately my other 2 males, i know one is a banana and one is a normal, but i never got their full description what morphs they came from when i got them.

Be careful when pairing this animal, because Lesser Pieds are born with deformed eyes. Some people are ok with that, but I personally wouldn’t want to produce an animal like that, so I would breed the BEL to something that was not pied or het pied.


Small correction: Pied Lessers can potentially be born with eye deformations, but not all of them will be. It is the double homozygous that are always microphthalmic


Thank you for the correction.

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@crod2727 hidden gene woma is incomplete dominant trait that mixes very well with butter and mojave. A single gene female isn’t very expensive and you could make some very nice looking snakes with your bel.