Curious about my rescue beardie boy

Gojira is my second Therapy Animal certified bearded dragons, and there are some differences in their markings that make m wonder if either were a morph/carrier.

Stevie Ray had: orange eyes w bright yellow ring around the iris, apricot freckles in his beard, solid-colored toenails, a very cream/tan patterning in all his moods, decorated with ash grey in spots as well.

Gojira has: cream eyes with a coffee brown ring around the iris, a single apricot freckle over his left eye but none in beard, two-tone toenails, and is more tan & chocolate plus a pinkish tone in the lines of blotchy paler markings that parallel his spine. I will try to include a Goji photo; we didn’t get as many of Stevie Ray as we’d hoped before he was gone.

And here are his 2-tone toenails.

I dont think Ive heard of a beardie being a therapy animal before…I guess beardies are more affectionate than I thought.

@gojiramama We would need better pictures/shot of the overall body to get a better idea of what kind of morph Gorjira is. The “two-toned” nails (clear around the nail) in the bearded dragon world is what classifies them as Hypo, which basically just means… its easier to see their quicks when you cut their toenails. :laughing:

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I will be happy to photograph bits of Goji any time! Which areas would be most helpful?

It helps that my particular challenges benefit from just his presence; all he has to be to help me is a bearded dragon. He distracts me from anxiety & panic triggers because I’m more attentive to his safety, which is how he helps me to travel & to interact with strangers in public. He’s definitely much different than I had assumed a lizard would be!


That’s amazing for a reptile to help you in that way. Congrats on that!

He’s an amazing reptile, that’s for sure. When I adopted him at the start of April 2019, he was essentially a wild animal–an unhandled though well-fed adult male. I got to send the rescue maybe the most epic 6-month update ever, which I definitely enjoyed!

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full body against white backround would be best.

Once he sheds his current thigh-high boot, which should be in a couple of days, I can get pics. I’ll do a white background (easy to arrange) & several angles. Any particular spots I should get detail photos of?

back and full body