D & Jo’s Love Shack ♥️

More lovin :heart_eyes::heart::heart_eyes:

  1. Mojave Pied Het Ghost x Pied
  2. Tornado x Enchi Pastel Desert Ghost
  3. Mardi Gras x Pastel Yellowbelly
  4. Super Gravel x Super Gravel
  5. Super Pastel Butter Desert Ghost x Pastel het Desert Ghost
  6. Black Head Butter x Enchi Blackhead
  7. GHI Mojave x Black Pastel
  8. Leopard Candy poss het Pied x Flame
  9. D/H Tornado/Sandstorm x P/D/H Tornado/ Sandstorm
  10. Coral Glow Spinnerblast Het Pied x Enchi Pied


You always have nice looking snakes, but that tornado for a single gene just wow. Like where you going with it too, with the d.g!


Thank you, we so excited to see how it reacts to other genes but DG always :star_struck: