Day 64 incubating at 86 degrees

So far 2/5 eggs are dimpled but no pipping yet. How long would you wait before cutting?

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First of all, welcome to the community! :wave:
Don’t cut until at least the first pip (I recommend not cutting at all). They are on their own timeline, it doesn’t always follow the textbook schedule.


As Riley notes, the “schedules” are guide posts and not hard and fast rules. Just let the eggs do their own thing and they will pip when they are ready. If you need moral support then think about the fact that I just had a clutch pip last night at day 71.


Incubating at 86 means it’s going to take longer than the average 55 days that you hear a lot of people talk about. Wait until one pips.


My eggs pip at days 57-60 incubating at 88. Incubating at 86 will likely delay hatching by at least a week. I wouldn’t worry. Incubating too hot is far more dangerous than incubating at cooler temperatures.


As a follow up, I left the eggs alone and they all hatched on their own on day 66.

Ps - the $200amazon incubator then failed and fried all of my knob tail gecko eggs.

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