Default Community Home Page

Following discussion here, I have changed some defaults around the home page.

With the new setup, Categories is the default view when one navigates to the community site. This means a user’s first impression will likely be a view they are more familiar with.

However, I’ve routed clicking the logo in upper left corner, which is how you typically navigate back to the home screen, to go to Latest. Latest is the view which is probably most productive to work off.

If anyone wants their default home to be Latest or anything else, this is customizable under Profile > Preferences > Interface > Default Home Page.

Of course you can access links to Categories, Latest etc, on pretty much any screen.

Do you like this better?


Yes, it may be easier for the user if the home and logo links be the same view though. People have been trained by most sites that the logo leads to the default view or ‘Home’ page.