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So I dont really study the market when it comes to snakes but I understand the basics of how some morphs hold value better than others and about the ups and downs of selling dependent on the consumer and things like that. I’d just like to ask if a morph such as a dreamsicle or a sunset or something else of that nature would ever drop in value to something around a thousand dollars in the coming years? I understand there is a thread about market saturation so if there is a answer to this question please just link it to this. Thank you to anyone who contributes to this!

This is an answer to N other question, however, it may help answer your question. By reading this In my opinion is one day price will go down but because of the secrecy around the morph itself it may take a while for the price of the sunset morph to drop.
I hope this answers your question…
Janel Willis

   Number 1#  It's a recessive gene, so of course things will take longer, plus it also has a "huge price tag" that most people do not want to shell out for and the fact that BHB has been doing this weird secrecy thing recently with their scaleless stuff and to a lesser extent the sunsets. It's amazing how quick people are to assume that there is something wrong with a morph or combo just because they don't see much of it. It took like 10 years to prove out just because of the circumstances around it and Brian's "Viper" ball.

If you do some research you can see that there are many hets floating around in people’s collections and on the “higher” end tables at shows.

Just be patient. As Raphy said, and I para-phrase, people need to stop demanding answers for things that they aren’t even buying into what is considered a high-end morph. Breeding isn’t an over-night thing. It takes years for things to get going.

Video in question:

Short answer: Absolutely they will drop.

All morphs drop in price, some just take longer than others. Back when I first got in to the hobby a Bumblebee was $2500 and an Albino Pied was $10K. Today you can barely wholesale the prior for $100 and the latter can be had for $800-1000

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As a follow up here…

If you go to the ball classifieds and do a historical search of single genes Sunset you will see that over the course of the last three years the price has gone:

For a male - Inquire to $30,000 to $12,000 to $8,000 to $5,000

For a female - $20,000 to $15,000 to $4,000

If you follow that rough trend line then you will probably hit the $1,000 mark in the next couple years