Desert ghost project

I’m so excited for the desert Ghost project, I think desert ghost is the best morph out there right now in my personal opinion, and I’m excited because I just purchased a pastel desert ghost which is one of my favorite morph combos from George emde reptiles and he will be here tomorrow I can’t wait, I have big plans for this guy. What’s yalls thoughts on the desert ghost morph and project.

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Desert Ghost has been around for a long time but it was often overlooked. Personally, I feel Desert Ghost is finally getting the attention it deserves, as it is an exciting and beautiful morph.


I also agree that DG was very underrated, but it really is an amazing morph. Be sure to post pics of it!

Yeah I will post pics of him for sure

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That’s a DG? It sure looks a lot like my Firefly.

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Yeah it’s a Pastel DG from George Emde Reptiles and this guy is amazing it looks like someone drew his markings on with a sharpie

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Check out George emde Reptiles on morph market because he has absolute top of the line animals and the quality of his animals are just amazing

Too clean. It’s a pastel desert ghost. Looks very similar to mine

Send a pic of yours Id love to see, yeah the pastel goes so well with the DG they are just such clean vibrant animals with insane amounts of contrast

This is the Sire to my little guy, he’s a pastel Leopard Desert Ghost