Disco vs Fire ID - Possible?

Full disclosure - We are first-year breeders, so maybe the answer is just hatch more of these and we’ll eventually be able to tell the difference, but…

I see quite a few hatchlings being listed as “Disco/Fire”. I’ve read the Morphpedia pages on both genes and I know they are quite similar. However, the advice we got from a friend is just to raise+breed all our hatchlings in order to find out for sure. I’m kinda hoping someone here knows a better way to tell the difference between these two genes.

The pairing was Firefly Clown x Disco and I’ve got four hatchlings that I believe to be Pastel+ one or the other (and het Clown).

All I’ve got are single “glamour” shots of each for now, but can definitely snap more of each if needed.


Because Fire and disco act so similar there isn’t always a definitive way to tell except in certain combos (mainly super combos). Super fires are obviously much different than than super disco.