"Discounted" Feature [460]

Any chance for a “sale” option. with a badge or something that will be added to the foto showing its on special. Either a value discount or % discount. Still showing original price,maybe with a “was:…” and “Now …” tag?

Fixed sale time frame or for a certain time only option.

Seller to select dinsount only applies to certain posts or to all, saving having to edit each one.


@eaglereptiles :blush:

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We have a few ideas that we have discussed like this but we are always happy to hear more.

Let the conversation and feedback commence!


I personally think it’s a brilliant idea! :blush:


I think that’s a wonderful idea!

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Yep, I believe it would benefit both the buyer and seller. In which case, why not? :slight_smile:


Yes Please! Especially the free shipping idea, and/or temporary discounts (e.g., Christmas sale / flash sales) sellers may offer to reduce inventory.


Good Day to Everyone here at MorphMarket.com,
I see that back in 2009, another seller brought the option up, to make a sales option for sellers. I have looked for the best way to run “Sales” here on MorphMarket.com and have yet to find a viable way to accomplish this, that shows both the original price as well as the discounted price, other than to wait for a Buyer to request a discount or other way to lower purchase prices, at the time of the sale. To help make a sale… I am also more inclined as a seller to approve a “reasonable” discounted price to help make that sale and keep a positive store/seller’s rating. However; there is a huge loss in revenue for me, as a seller, when I am unable to run short-term sales or even a long-term sales that are visible and “in-your-face” as a running sales’ banner or icon that can be placed beside the selling price, along the top, bottom, or diagonally across the main photo of an animal at my discretion. This would be a HUGE option and incentive for sellers and buyers alike!
Hopefully this will come up in the next MorphMarket.com update or iteration as a “New” option for sellers. I would love it if I could get a large percentage of sellers to request an option such as this that would show that the sellers would approve of such an update.

Thank you all for your time,
Raymundo Family Reptiles


I think this feature would be very useful. For convenience I’ll add the link to the other post it was mentioned in.


Hey James,

This is one of the top shelf feature requests that I think would make a world of difference for buyers and sellers. It’s on our list, but i’ll add your feedback here to our internal ticket, which will bump it and get the teams eyes back on the request :wink:

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