Discrepancies in Listing Counts [SOLVED]

Hi! I’ve been searching for hognoses-and think I’ve encountered an issue.

When I click on Western Hognose in categories, I only get 355 results.

When I search hognose in that same category, I get even more results.

Is this an error in the categorizing? I’ve searched through all of the results in both searches and they are all Western hognoses (tricolors were not added in the second search).

Thank you!

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Hi Schafurizoo,

In the first example, what did you mean “click on WH in categories”? Do you mean, from the index page you clicked “Browse Latest”?

If so the discrepancy would include the fact that ads without a serial/ID don’t show up in the “latest” results.


I wasn’t aware of this being the cause of the discrepancy. Thank you so much! That makes sense.