Do pewter soul suckers have known issues?

Do pewter soul suckers have any known issues?

As far as I know they do not. I forget exactly which genes a soul sucker is comprised of but I believe it has hidden gene woma which from what I understand is in the same gene group as spiders because some can have head wobble. In general I do not believe soul suckers have this issue or any others for that matter.

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according to WOBP, it does have HGW, therefore, yes, they can and do have a wobble…

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Small clarification: HGW, while part of the Spider complex, does not display the neuro effects as prominently as Spider and it is not uncommon to have animals that have no detectable head wobble. That said, the secondary trait is still 100% associated with the gene so even an animal that seems “wobble-free” can generate babies that wobble