Do the bellies of young milk snakes "blue" before shed?

Hi all,

I’ve a baby pueblan milk snake. I’ve had her since about October 4th, and haven’t seen a shed yet (although she came to me with a stuck eye cap, which came off with a humid hide.)

I’ve noticed today her belly has become noticeably bluer/milky. It’s like the photos I see of snakes with eyes that color, but it’s on her stomach. Currently her eyes seem clear, but she’s so small that if they were blue I might not be able to tell. However, her belly is very blue.

Is that a “sign” of impending shed? I saw some threads about ball pythons and “pink” bellies, but she’s not a ball, so I’m wondering if “blue” bellies is a thing for milk snakes.

Thanks for any insight!


I have an Arizona Mountain kingsnake, and he turns blueish when he is going into shed. It is a sign of shedding for your snake as well.


Yep. My MBK is blue as we speak!


My albino striped black rat snake also turned blueish with the one shed she has had with me. I think it might just be a thing with colubrids in general?


Thanks everyone, I appreciate the reassurance.

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To update my old post, now that I’ve had a few sheds under my belt–yes, absolutely, a “blue” belly is the first sign I get before she goes into shed!

A few days after I notice a “blue” belly, her eyes cloud over, and the rest of her coloring dulls. Then she brightens up a bit. Then she actually sheds.

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