Does a wobble breed wobble babies?

I’m looking at a gorgeous snake but he has a wobble and I’m not sure if it will affect his breeding? Any advice from someone more experienced is definitely appreciated!

If he is a morph that is known to wobble, any offspring that also carry his morph will have various levels of wobble. Some may take after the more severe wobble, some may not. There are breeders that don’t breed really bad wobblers (ones that corkscrew) and some that do. A lot of the wobble has to do with stress and husbandry, but inbreeding can also potentially make it worse. Just make sure not to breed to another wobble morph. Here is a list of all known morphs with issues;


Depends on the reason for the neurologic disorder, if it is because the snake was subjected to high temps and now suffer from neurological disorder than no, if the animal is a spider than yes, all spider and combos wobble to a degree from mild and hardly noticeable to severe and environmental factors can increase or help decrease the severity of it as well.

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Oh that’s interesting. Just out of curiosity what factors decrease it?

Low stress, and lower tempertures on the hot spot 86/88 max.

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