Does anyone know about any really good incubator brands for ball pythons?

Hi everyone, I am looking for a good incubator. Possibly with a fan, and gets up to the right temperatures (90 degrees Fahrenheit). I am trying to maybe get a super banana clown using a normal bred with a banana clown. Let me know what you think the hatchlings will look like or if you think this small project will turn out well.

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Normal to Banana Clown offspring have possibilities for Normal 100% het Clown and banana 100% het clown. No visual clowns or super bananas from that pairing.


Furthermore, if your banana clown is a male, there is a high likelihood that all of the banana het clown offspring will be male as banana is a sex linked gene, so you would be unlikely to be able to breed the offspring back to each other to make a super banana clown (likely only a banana clown would be possible)


Hi! Thanks, for telling me what the percentages of the offspring would be! Do you know what morph of ball python bred with a normal would make the offspring visual?

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Any super version of a co-dom gene (super pastel, super fire, super banana, etc) should produce 100% visual offspring when paired with a normal. Any regular co-dom (fire, Mojave, ghi, pastel, banana etc) should produce ~50% visual offspring when paired with a normal


I would hold of on an incubator you are nowhere near ready to breed.

First you need to understand basic genetics and understand what makes what before even thinking about breeding.

You have to learn to walk before you can run.


Hey, thanks for the info on the bananas’! Though I am now wondering what morph would have visual marks showing it’s the true morph. Also, what morph bred with a normal pastel would make a good ratio of males and females?

What do you mean by this? Any of the co-dom genes are visual morphs

As far as we know, banana/coral glow are the only sex linked morphs. All of the others follow normal mendelian ratios.

I would definitely recommend you do some research on basic genetics and patterns of inheritance before breeding/buying


Morph Market has the genes broken down for you. But recommend you do some research. Genes that only need 1 copy are what your looking for. Put to a normal they can reproduce their mutation.


Thank you! I have also asked other breeders on this website, they have all said that I need to do more research on this topic, and research I will do!