Does anyone know of any breeder groups with more naturalistic set ups in their adult tubs?

I was more or less just wondering if anyone knows a good group (preferably a discord group just cause thats what im familiar with) I enjoyed my first year breeding the Leos to try and produce a Super Snow Male (basic i know but a small scale goal) and Definitely want to go this again next breeding season with some more geckos introduced like a RADAR w/y snow to pair with my Bell Albino snow. But i can understand that i physically cant breed with the almost 4ft long pvcs for each one of my animals (even the babies graduated out of their hatching tubs and i had enough 20 longs laying around to just set up a shelf of them but it isnt quite good LONG term since alot of heat and glass not holding said heat well) I definitely know some risk with naturalistic but i was wanting to see other people’s setups and how to go about it, as of know i have found a skink rack that interest me greatly that i can build and modify it a bit to hold a good amount of juveniles and adults separately.
But Yeah any help is appreciated

sorry also picture isnt directly related to the question, it IS this years breeder but shes cute and she is there for attention lol

I don’t know much about groups, but there’s a lot of people on here that have naturalistic setups. I have naturalistic setups for my adult cresties and I’m working on one for mourning geckos. There are a lot of people who keep some other species in naturalistic setups. I’ve been trying to think of ways to offer enrichment to my leopard geckos. I don’t want to give them substrate but I don’t want a basic quarantine setup. I was thinking of using branches or feeder balls as enrichment.

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Sadly i dont know of any groups directly related to naturalistic setups for leos, but i have my carpet pythons and ball pythons on bioactive substrate in tubs, and my 1 leo in a bioactive tank. Its not that difficult of a translation (though you have to be careful with humidity, tubs hold it alot better, and leos dont like too much).

I can try to answer questions if you have some basic ones, ive just been experimenting and finding what works best. Pics as examples, and because John Snow Protector of the North is awesome haha.


yeah that was my main concern since humidity, but since these tubs are more of a slide in under a mesh lid it should be fine,
was gonna go off this picture (which is meant for skinks but i can turn it into something for leos quite easily)
obviously just kinda thinking of it rn, will prob start working on building the older Juvenile/adult racks in the coming months.
But i guess main question with doing it this way is just making it naturalistic in giving them climbing and digging opportunities but not completely breaking the budget, cause as of right now buying cork bark is nutty, was thinking about seeing about getting any deals at reception EPIC in the fall but any other ideas on that? i DO know pangea has some nice little black hides that are low cost (actually got a good few rn and they are quite easy to make it look somewhat good lol)

I bought cork bark in bulk since i have about 30 total animals in my care, so the price was pretty cheap, ill see if i can dig up the company and the catelog, though prices may have changed.

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cool thank you so much!

I bought 90 lbs of cork bark total, so the prices were quite low considering (30 lbs of each type)

I found the flats to be the most useful if you cant afford all types. 30 lbs of flats would be about $150, but you wouldnt need any for a good long while after the initial cost.

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oo thanks a lot, not bad prices considering a 1 gallon bag of small bits cost like 20 bucks from josh’s frogs lol

These arent bits haha, they are slabs, you may need to break them up to suite your needs xD

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lol yup, i got some big flats i use for beardy and one of my leos tanks and the one for the beardy BARELY fits the depth of her enclosure lol, got it at an expo for pretty cheap cause people just wanted to get rid of it lol

oh yeah also one last thing, so im familiar with wiring stuff for under tank heating which is what i used for my hatching rack i made, but for a naturalistic look under tank wouldnt work too well since it has all that substrate and such, so overhead is the way to go and i can figure easily how to like set them up, only part im kinda stumped with is thermostat with the lights since instead of heating up a spot like undertank does it disperses and unless each tub is set up the exact same way decor wise and theres gotta be a way to have all the lights hooked up to a good dimming/pulsing thermostat and have the temps in each tub be roughly the same, any ideas on that?

So in my racks i use all UTH, it works fine. For my tank that i can use lights for i use CHE for heat and have that to a thermostat, then i have my UVB light attached to a timer. My UVB is a non heat emitting type, so leaving it on is 0 risk without a thermostat