Does Gravel enhance Orange colors the same way YB does?

Gravel is supposed to be indistinguishable from YB, so I’m not sure why YB is so popular with color enhancing yet gravel is not. I think this would be useful to know so that we don’t produce leucistics that would be difficult to id.


I think I’m confused… yes yb and gravel are considered indistinguishable from each other. There are plenty of combos made with gravel without the possibility of yb so if your concerned with making ivory’s then simply stay away from those that say gravel or yb and go with a for sure gravel combo. Many people like ivory’s and in general white snakes.

I’d like to point out also ivories are not leucistics so not really sure what the point of the question is?


Sorry, I made a mistake. I was wondering if it gravel would have the same effect as yb without a difficult to ID super.

Well it works the same way in combos yes but ivory isn’t terribly hard to identify. If your worried about supers just don’t use the yellowbelly gene on both sides. And welcome to the community. Or you can use gravel lol the reason yellowbelly is more prevalent is because it has been around forever and almost every decent sized breeder has it in there collection. Ivory isn’t super white and tends to be striped. You can identify most traits in an ivory, pastels effects are still seen as is blacked eyed Lucy genes. Leopard and enchi can also be identified in ivory.

Enchi ivory for reference and because she’s awesome lol

I get what Ska is saying.

I had an Ivory Butter OD Pastel that I picked up as an “Ivory (likely plus other genes)” and I had to breed him out to prove everything he had in him. When I started thinking about how I would use the holdbacks from him I decided it was too much of a pain in the butt to have to worry about whether any Ivory animals I produced were just Ivory or were Ivory (plus). Because of that, I have been slowly weaning YB out of my collection in favour of other genes in the allele group. I have strongly pushed toward Asphalt but I also have Specter. Both of these genes offer the enhancement effect in combos in their single gene form and I do not have to worry about a trying to ID three/four/five/six/seven/eight gene carrying white snakes


@t_h_wyman do you really think trying to id 5 or 6 genes in super gravel or super spectre would be any easier?

@saleengrinch Easier in an animal with colour than in an animal with none LOL

Freeway Enchi Pastel Pin x Asphalt Specter is due to pip in ten days or so and Butter Enchi OD Pastel YB x Asphalt Specter is in about month, so we will see how much hair I have left in six to eight weeks

:rofl: :joy:


Off white is a color Travis lol I have black pastel mimosa x albino enchi blast in about to weeks that I’m praying the pastel doesn’t find its way into the champagne lol.

My Ivory Butter OD Pastel was solid white… No colour to head, no stripe visible to the naked eye


Mine are always yellowish and striped maybe we have different lines. They have shown there are two different allelic yellow belly genes. But I’ve never crammed that many genes into an ivory to see if “whitens” it up lol