Does she look like a normal to you?

At the risk of sounding like every other newbie, I’m going for it. Her vet (who claimed to breed balls while in school) said she didnt look like a 100% normal. He said he thought she had banana in her from the yellow near her belly (which I later learned wasnt possible).

That was also the day I learned she was a female. Since that I have had it in my head to breed her. So this is a 2 part question. Question 1 does she look like a normal to you? 2. If she doesnt where do I start what do I breed her with to find out what’s going on and to get the ______ out?

Picture heavy, shes big for 16 months and I wanted to to show you everything I’m seeing.

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Defiantly no banana, looks like a nice normal. Personally you should breed her to anything that you find interesting and really like the looks of Just for reference this is a banana it is a incomplete dom there is no chance she has banana or could carry the banana gene.

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also how did the vet figure out it she was a “she” ?

Got her from a show, as a normal baby. (Just wanted one). A few months later noticed she was restless so took her in. Turned out she had mites. Think it was from my petco forest floor bedding, she didnt have many. (They are gone now).

Anyway I asked him to check and he probed her for me.

Thank you, beautiful banana.

Realized that she wasnt banana, nor had banana in her, within the first hour of learning morph 101 :slight_smile:


sorry misread that, i should know better than to try and read things without my glasses on :rofl:

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It’s all good appreciate you trying to help

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Personally I’d take the word of a breeder at a expo, they are very unlikely to undersell a animal.

Also, I’m just going to slide in here like Instagram rapper and drop my link :joy::
Morph Encyclopedia (In Progress)

You might find it helpful, especially once it finished.

Ps. I think normals are nicer than most morphs :wink:


She looks like a normal, particularly if you got her from a breeder at an expo (we’re usually very slow to let go of anything new/interesting). However, if you think she has something special, I’d recommend breeding her to a normal and seeing if any babies look like her or look ‘more normal’ rather than cross her immediately into another morph that might muddy things up. If nothing shows up in the first clutch, breed her to one of her babies that look most like her and see what you get (on the chance it is an incomplete dominant trait like Russo or Yellow Belly). In the meantime, get a male with genes you think might compliment/highlight her qualities and try that combination the year after the normal cross. It’s a lot of work/time but it can also be a lot of fun if you’re up to it. This is my experiment, called Oriole, which I’m now into the 2nd generation of testing (it is at least codominant [I love what it does to albino] and I may have found another gene in the process…but it could just as likely be normal variation). Good luck and enjoy!


Thank you, for all the detail. This pretty much answered all my questions.

Love that orange btw!

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