Does this bp only have yellow belly or is there pastel too?

Sold to me as Leopard Enchi Lesser Yellow belly, I think there might be pastel because of the head pattern. Ill know for sure when I produce some clutches from him.

Here’s some pics I found online that made me come to the conclusion I did.
Leopard Enchi Lesser Yellowbelly (no head pattern)

Pastel Leopard Enchi Lesser Pos Yb Het Clown(reduced head pattern like mine)

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What was the pairing?

The “butterfly” headstamp is a strong indicator that Pastel is present


Enchi pastel Yellow belly leopard x banana lesser

I would have said pastel as well. The brighter patches in the body pattern, the headstamp, and the just generally brighter color of the enchi. To be fair lesser can do some of that too, but all together looks like pastel to me.

Nice looking beast in any case! Cool pattern.

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Thanks, the head pattern is really what made me think it has pastel but now I wonder if there is really yellow belly in him. Im not familiar enough with yellow belly to be able to tell. Im hoping he has it since I want make leopard ivories one day.

No matter what he is amazing looking and I love him. He already ate f/t after two days of having him.

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