Double check on my first tub setups/ are these good brands?

Hello hope everyone’s doing well! Just had a few quick questions about my tub setups before I relocate some snakes tomorrow. I’m moving away from glass as I get more snakes it’s just not as practical. So one these are 44qt I believe 24x16. I used reptichip on some aspen on others. Also can I plug a power strip into a thermostat and plug the heating pads into the power strip instead of directly to the thermostat?

If you are using heating pads I would not suggest plugging into a power supply. If I’m not mistaken there are not any heating pads that are variable, in other words heating pads are either full power on or full power off. With a single temperature probe you have one tub dictating heating to all the rest at full power instead of increasing gradual incremental heating which can result in the other tubs overheating if there is enough of a temperature gradient between them.

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What brand of heating pads are you using? What brand/model of thermostat are you using. Are they just tubs or are they going into a rack? Need this info to give the best advice.

Just tubs with lids, then zoo med reptitherm heating pads, repti zoo thermostat and humidity gauge. Only things I could get at local pet stores.

Do you have a thermostat that plugs into your UTH and regulates the temperature? If not you need that. It is the #1 most important piece of equipment for a tub and tank alike. You also need a hide with only 1 entrance. It is recommended to have 1 on each end though.

Yes I have a thermostat that regulates! My concern right now is regulating the humidity and balancing how many holes are in the tub. I checked today after putting holes in and it was saying 92% which is way to much. So I added holes on the lid and it has dropped to 73%. I believe 73% is on the upper limit for when they are not shedding?

has anyone tried this one?

Those should be fine for tubs. However, do not use them for egg tubs in incubator, they will fail.

As to the thermostats hopefully someone else can chime in, haven’t used anything but herpstat and flexwatt tape for many years.

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The thermostat in the link is total garbage. The new Zoo Med thermostat at around $40 retail and is fantastic.
I don’t recommend using Zoo Med brand UTH with tubs at all. They get way too hot and over time will cause issues. They are designed for huge under glass terrariums. If that’s all you can get easily just be sure there is a good air gap between the bottom of the tub and any surface below it. This way the UTH will not over heat and cause problems.
The thermometer/hydrometer in the link is decent.

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73% should be just fine.