Dropped leopard gecko egg

I’m so mad at myself. My Diablo Blanco female just laid her first egg and I was collecting it. As I went to grab it, my big German shepherd bumped into my elbow and I dropped the egg about 8 inches onto the hard plastic top of the lay box. I candled it and placed it correct side up in the incubator. What are the chances that I just killed that egg?

You’re probably fine. The embryo hasn’t started developing yet and as a single-cell they’re pretty tough. As long as the internal structure of the egg didn’t get damaged (such as the yolk) you’ll probably be fine. Incubate anyway, doesn’t hurt. However, first eggs from first-time females sometimes don’t go to full term anyway, so don’t beat yourself up too badly if it doesn’t make it.


Thank you. Hopefully the egg makes it. I’m super excited for my first diablo blanco babies. @erie-herps @mblaney any input as far as dropping eggs?

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Silly dogs- always trying to help, hehe!
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I agree with @snowgyre . :slightly_smiling_face: When in doubt:

"Incubate Until There’s No Debate!" :egg:


Since you caught the egg early it wasn’t hard and therefore didn’t crack when you dropped it. It should survive but as said above:


Same advice here too! :rofl:


The egg went bad, so I unfortunately had to discard it. Hopefully she will lay two next time. She should be laying again any day, it’s been more than 15 days. (And I’ll be locking the dogs out of the room to retrieve any future eggs)


The egg may have gone bad on its own anyway, considering it was the female’s first clutch. Now that she has that out of the way I bet things will improve. Good luck!


She laid two more eggs a couple weeks ago. One went bad after a week, the other is still healthy with good vein structure inside.