**EMERGENCY** Egg bound leo

I have a leopard gecko that was conpletley fine yesterday. She laid one egg outside the moist hide that had a weird tail attached to it. I figured since she hasnt been with a male she was only going to lay one egg. But when I got home from work and checked on her I though she was dead. Shes barley moving and cold to the touch. She was laying on the cool side of the tank. I noticed shes been losing weight but knew she had eggs forming. I dont have much hope that she will survive. Besides a warm soak is there ANYTHING I can do for her? I’m in Alaska and there are no veterinarians that treat exotic pets in my area

Can’t say I know of anything that you can do. Something like that requires immediate vet care once they are in that state.

This hurts my heart, I pray your baby pulls through. I just lost my girl not too long ago. I would research as much as possible. I do not have any advice - I’m sorry.

She unfortunately did not pull through :pensive::disappointed_relieved:

This is the egg she laid last night

SO sorry for your loss

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I’m so sorry dude. :heart:

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I’m so sorry for your loss, just know shes not in pain any longer.