Enclosure Constructive Criticism (:

Hey y’all. I’m back for more advice. Here is my new setup for my baby boy, Atlas. He’s 115g.

There are 3 hides, but he lives in his big rock hide.

Temps are good with the rock hide being 89F, the coconut hide by the rock hide is about 85F. The hide on the cool side sits at 75F but sometimes is around 73F.

Humidity is great too. Hot side usually is at around 73-78% and cool side is usually 78-82%


Looks like you’ve done a great job setting it up.


I think it looks great! You have the right temperatures and plenty of cover.

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My only suggestions is 1. Keep an eye on humidity because of it being a tank, and 2. A cool side hide wouldnt hurt, but your BP will likely just burrow under that big rock and turn that into a hide haha.

Very minor things, overall looks good tome :slight_smile:

Edit: i cant see clearly, but i see from the overview pic that that rock on the cool side may in fact be a hide, in which case, just watch humidity :slight_smile:

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