Enclosure size for adult female + male BP

What is the minimal recommendation?
I know I could google search this but it was yields different results - as I know this may, but I like the idea of asking people with experience and who currently own.

I have two males and two females. My two females are still babies and two males are adults. Currently my males are in the largest bins I could find - which are around 36” long and 18” wide - would this be an adequate size for an adult female? I know they are larger as adults.
I had heard that if the snake is the same length or shorter than 2 sides of the enclosure, then it is big enough.
My females are housed in totes adequate for their current size.

I’m looking to build their enclosures and am working on the research of this so I can have a plan.

I appreciate everyone’s insight!

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If you’re considering cohabiting them in the same enclosure I’d recommend to reconsider. If you want to cohabit them I’d give this a thorough read.

If you’re cohabiting it will take more space for 2 much larger enclosures (each with a female and male and necessary to be bigger) than it will for 4 smaller enclosures for each individual.
If I misunderstood what you were asking and you’re not looking to cohabit I know some good sizes are:
Racks- FB70
Tubs- 28 qt if they don’t get to big
Aquariums- 25 gallon

I don’t know a whole lot about BPs nor do I have experience with them so I’ll let someone else chime in if they have better size recommendations.

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I keep all my adult females in 41qt tubs and adult males in 32/28 qt tubs. They are in racks also my males never get much bigger than 1000 grams.

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That’s not my post :woman_shrugging:t2:
No mention of cohabitating as it’s not something I’ll do… ever :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response tho!

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Thank you… that helps!

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I was just a little bit confused by the title “adult female + male BP”, just making sure you weren’t going to cohabit as it’s not something anybody without a lot of experience should attempt.


Oh I see!
I was super confused lol
No - just saying I have two males AND (+) two females.
Everyone has their own homes. I have no interest in breeding or cohabing. I want everyone happy and healthy and wouldn’t even know where to begin with any of that.
I’m just a snake lover lol


:point_up_2:t2: I think I forgot to tag in my response

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