Ewww was NOT expecting that!

Well, I just had my ball python take a massive poop and then regurgitate Sunday’s meal. (Live rat )

I have NEVER had that happen to me, not even when I was dealing with wild pythons during my wildlife rescue years…

I’m feeding her regularly (about once a month) she is 1654 grams, I don’t know about her age, so I’m at a loss.

My rats are healthy and happy. Although the one I fed her on Sunday, I bought from Petco a month prior to ensure quarantine and that it was eating the good stuff. There were no signs of illness or issues.

As for killdozer, I haven’t handled her or done anything to cause her stress, she’s been hanging out in her hide or in her house (hide is cool side of enclosure, house is in the warm side). I have not changed her routine either.

I was wondering if regurgitation is just a random, occurrence or if she is getting ready to ovulate? Or if I need to be worried?

Either way I am going to be taking her to my vet in an hour, but please, let me know what you guys think could have caused that.

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I would like to know what your vet thinks so please post that. I just wonder if the regurgitation caused the massive poop or if the massive poop caused the regurgitation? I am leaning toward the second event……

It just sounds like something needed to come out……

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Well… the vet did ultrasounds and x-rays. They also took a fecal swipe. Right after I got home, we had a massive storm hit with TONS of tornado watches and warnings that have been going all night.

I’m going to possibly agree with the vet that it was a combination of eggs and massive weather change.

She also suspects the rat was a main player in the drama.

She should be calling me this afternoon and give me an answer for Salmonella. I just wish she wasn’t so popular so I could have had the answers yesterday.